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Polish hauliers suggest compromise for lifting blockade on border with Ukraine

Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 17:31
Polish hauliers suggest compromise for lifting blockade on border with Ukraine
Stock photo: Getty Images

An association of Polish hauliers which is not involved in the blockade of the Polish-Ukrainian border has suggested its vision of a compromise that would partially address the protesters’ concerns.

Source: European Pravda with reference to RMF24

Details: Transport i Logistyka Polska (TLP) proposes that 50% of all transportation services in commodity turnover with Ukraine should be handed over to Polish hauliers. Under the proposal, if an importer or exporter gives more orders to Ukrainian hauliers, it may be fined 30% of its annual income.


The proposal would also require all shipments transported by Ukrainian hauliers to be registered in the SENT system.

Maciej Wroński, head of the association, believes that the reservation of at least 50% of goods transportation services in trade with Ukraine would achieve roughly the same objectives as the permit system, and that way, Poland would not breach agreements between Ukraine and the EU.

He stressed that a decision must be reached as soon as possible because the blockade of the border is affecting not only Ukraine, but also many Polish companies.

Wroński does not believe it is necessary to wait until the new government is formed in order for this legislation to be passed.

TLP has also suggested that the Sejm (Parliamentary) infrastructure committee should set up an inter-parliamentary working group with Ukraine to resolve the issues with the border crossing procedure and seek ways to reduce waiting times and speed up customs procedures.

Quote: "For many years we have seen a reluctance on the part of the Ukrainian government to suggest decisions that would make cross-border mobility easier. This raises the question of what the motives behind this could be – especially when we are receiving signals that some officials at the border are using this complex situation for their own gain."

Wroński added that the situation should be assessed on both sides of the border by lawmakers who have no direct connection to the administrative authorities.

The proposals are being submitted to the Polish Infrastructure Ministry.

Background: Polish hauliers have been blocking three checkpoints on the Polish-Ukrainian border for road freight since 6 November, letting only a few cars through every hour. They commenced a blockade of another checkpoint, Medyka-Shehyni, on 23 November. The blockade could last until 3 January.

On Monday, 27 November, Poland’s Ministry of Infrastructure stated that it had sent Ukraine a proposal that could lift the blockade at the Polish-Ukrainian border.

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