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Politico names Zelenskyy Europe's most influential dreamer 2024

Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 23:25
Politico names Zelenskyy Europe's most influential dreamer 2024
Illustration: Politico

The American digital newspaper Politico has chosen Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, as the most influential person in Europe in the Dreamers category. 

Source: Politico

Details: The publication has listed the individuals who will have the biggest impact on the course of events in 2024.


Politico reported that this year, Zelenskyy has "managed to push through things that were until recently unthinkable, moving Ukraine to the front of the line for EU membership — and closer than anyone thought possible to the NATO military alliance."

But 2024 is promising to be difficult, because "the world is distracted by the new old war in the Middle East; Ukrainians are exhausted by two years of battles and struggling to reclaim territory in the face of Russia’s brutal meat-grinder.

With the West prevaricating, and Ukraine continuing to face an existential threat from its much larger neighbour, Zelenskyy has moved from pleading with Western countries for help to lecturing them — and that hasn’t landed quite as successfully as his more uplifting orations."

Details: The article also mentions the prospect of elections in Ukraine in 2024, stating that Zelenskyy would need to amend the country's Constitution in order to hold a ballot. Politico claims that this possibility raises "major questions about democratic legitimacy".

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