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Ukraine's PM: I hope Ukraine will become EU member immediately after victory

EU Commission to propose that Ukraine join EU defence industry support scheme

Ukraine anticipates EU negotiation framework by 12 March, says Deputy PM

Czechia expects Ukraine to receive first batch of ammunition bought outside EU soon

EU to tighten control over Ukraine's grain exports to ease farmers' concerns

Hungarian European Commissioner says Ukrainian MP asked him to lobby against "discrimination against opposition" in Ukraine

Zelenskyy: This year should be time for real negotiations on EU accession

European Parliament urges EU to support Russian opposition and Ukraine

EU on Putin's threats: A part of his re-election efforts and a long-standing lie

European Parliament approves resolution to support Ukraine with weapons until victory

EU finally approves 4-year plan with €50 billion for Ukraine

Navalny's widow speaks of Ukraine in European Parliament and gives "innovative" advice on defeating Putin

Poll shows 84% of Ukrainians back EU accession, support keeps growing

Ukraine to get €4.5 billion aid tranche from EU in March

European Parliament supports allocation of €50 billion for Ukraine

Macron urges Europe not to wait for US elections, but support Ukraine and reinforce its own security now

15 EU countries ready to buy shells for Ukraine outside Europe

Bloomberg on split between Western and Eastern Europe over insufficient aid to Ukraine

Ukraine's Foreign Minister says EU will supply Ukraine with 170,000 shells by late March

European Commission president says negotiation framework for Ukraine's accession to EU will be developed by mid-March

EU leaders, on anniversary of Russian full-scale invasion, promise to help Ukraine end war

Hungary blocks EU joint statement dedicated to 2nd anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Zelenskyy talks to European Council President about blocking border with Poland and moving towards the EU

EU Council President assures Zelenskyy of EU support on the eve of Russian invasion's second anniversary – photo

EU foreign affairs chief calls on EU countries to provide Ukraine with shells to change Ukraine's situation

EU Commission comments on delay in start of negotiations with Ukraine

Ban on imports from Russia would reduce tension among European producers

EU ambassadors approve extending trade benefits for Ukraine for one more year

Negotiation framework for Ukraine's accession to EU will not be ready until summer

Only 10% of Europeans believe in Ukraine's victory over Russia on battlefield – survey