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US attracts large investments in economy thanks to military assistance to Ukraine – Reuters

Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 12:21
US attracts large investments in economy thanks to military assistance to Ukraine – Reuters
Stock photo: Getty Images

The administration of US President Joe Biden has distributed data of the greatest financial benefit the US has received from military assistance to Ukraine. This was done to increase support from Republicans who oppose continuing the supply of military aid.

Source: Reuters 

"While three of the eight Republican members of Congress from Pennsylvania have been voting against funding to help stop Russia's invasion, the data shows the Keystone State has received US$2.364 billion – the most of any state – in spending and investments to build arms and ammunition," the agency said. 


The State of Texas has received US$1.45 billion for the production of 155-millimetre shells and other weapons, although 18 out of 25 Republicans voted against helping Ukraine.

In Arizona, where three out of six Republican representatives voted against the aid, US$2.19 billion was received.

Companies in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas received contracts worth more than US$1 billion. Another US$18 billion was distributed among manufacturing companies in two dozen other states. 

According to Joe Biden, part of the money will replace American equipment sent abroad. In addition, the US president stressed that weapons for Ukraine mean jobs for Americans.


Republican Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, stated that aid to Ukraine and Israel will be hard to approve before the end of the year, as there are still disagreements in Congress over proposed changes to the security of the US border with Mexico.

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