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EU states want less strict ban on re-export to Russia in new sanctions package – Reuters

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 18:53
EU states want less strict ban on re-export to Russia in new sanctions package – Reuters
Collage: Jose Martinez

Some EU member states, during the discussion of the new 12th sanctions package against Russia, have opposed the clause, which would significantly limit the re-export of a number of European goods to Russia.

Source: Reuters with reference to six informed sources, as reported by European Pravda

Details: According to the propositions made at the meeting of permanent representatives of the EU member states this week, exporters from the EU will have to ban re-export to Russia of all goods included in the list of customs codes of the European Commission.


Some participants of the meeting, whom Reuters refused to name, believe that such radical change may negatively affect world trade and cause chaos for European companies worldwide.

Quote: "A small entrepreneur in Brazil would have to fulfil contracts in such a complex system ... the discussion should be focused on highly critical goods."

Moreover, the participants of the discussion acted in favour of lifting the sanctions on goods for personal use due to numerous cases of confiscation by customs officials on the border between Russia and the EU, such as toothpaste.

Another Reuters source stated that the majority of countries at the ambassadorial meeting did not support the ban on "any transfer of funds" by Russian legal entities or Russian nationals residing in Russia out of the EU, criticising them as "pointlessly burdensome".


  • On 15 November, the EU member states were presented with a proposal for the 12th sanctions package against Russia.
  • The proposal provides for the imposition of sanctions against more than 120 individuals and legal entities for their role in undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. This concerns representatives of the military, defence and IT sectors of the Russian Federation, as well as "other important economic operators".
  • The European Commission also proposes to introduce new bans on imports and exports, as well as measures aimed at tightening the ceiling on oil prices and countering the evasion of EU sanctions.

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