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Lithuania's Foreign Minister on making peace with Russia: Our children will curse us in the trenches we are digging for them

Saturday, 4 November 2023, 17:42

Gabrielus Landsbergis, Lithuania’s Foreign Minister, has warned other countries against the desire to enter into a peace treaty with Russia, which is waging a war of aggression against Ukraine. 

Source: Landsbergis on Twitter (X), cited by European Pravda 

Details: Landsbergis tweeted that for Russia, a "peace agreement" means only one thing: "time to rearm". 


The minister believes that Western countries are dangerously close to missing the opportunity to end the Kremlin's centuries-old imperial aggression and safeguard the future of several continents.

Quote: "Our children will curse us in the trenches we are digging for them." 

Earlier, NBC News reported that officials from the US and the EU have begun discussing with Ukraine the possibility of holding peace talks with the Russian Federation. 

The TV channel said these discussions had included broad outlines of what Ukraine might need to give up in order to reach a deal. 

NBC sources say these discussions are a reflection of the situation at the front and the political situation in Europe and the US. 

The discussions began amid concern among US and European officials that the war has reached a stalemate, and about their ability to continue to provide aid to Ukraine, officials said. 


Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stated in September that Ukraine cannot conduct peace talks with Putin as he cannot be trusted. 

He also said that the war unleashed by Russia cannot be stopped by sitting down at the negotiating table.

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