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We are preparing for worst winter in history Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Monday, 6 November 2023, 14:32

Ukraine is doing its best to protect its power plants from Russian strikes but is bracing for the worst winter in its history.

Source: Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, in an interview with Die Welt

Details: This statement came in the context of the minister's remarks that Ukraine no longer hopes to receive long-range Taurus missiles from Germany.


"We are getting ready for the worst winter in history. Therefore, we will turn a blind eye if we do not receive the Tauruses but do obtain air defence systems," Kuleba said.

The minister said Ukraine is doing its best to protect its power plants.

"However, the Russians are learning. They will once again test our endurance with their missiles," he added.

Kuleba stressed that Ukraine finds itself overshadowed by the war in Gaza and is losing the international community's focus.

"Everything is still at stake for Europe," he said.

Background: On 2 November, Germany announced a new military aid package for Ukraine. It includes various equipment, ranging from armoured vehicles to protective goggles.

Last month, the German government reported that it would send IRIS-T air defence systems to Ukraine.

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