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Shahed drones attack Ukraine from south again

Sunday, 10 December 2023, 23:25
Shahed drones attack Ukraine from south again

The Russian forces once again attacked Ukraine with the Shahed attack drones from the south on 10 December in the evening.

Source: the Ukrainian Air Force

Quote: "The movement of the Shahed UAVs from Kherson Oblast in the direction of Mykolaiv Oblast was registered."


Details: At 20:18 the movement of attack drones from the Black Sea water area towards Odesa Oblast was registered.

As of 20:31 Russian attack UAVs that were spotted in Mykolaiv Oblast were moving towards Kirovohrad Oblast.

As of 20:49 attack UAVs in Kirovohrad Oblast are moving in the northwestern direction. 

As of 21:26 another group of attack UAVs were launched from the Black Sea water area in the direction of Odesa Oblast (the cities of Chornomorsk, Odesa, Yuzhne, Kobleve).

As of 21:46 the drones turned from Kirovohrad Oblast to Vinnytsia Oblast.

22:11: Threat of attack UAVs was announced in Khmelnytskyi and Cherkasy oblasts.

22:21: Movement of Shahed UAVs was detected in the direction of southern part of Odesa Oblast.

22:50: Another group of attack UAVs flew from Kherson Oblast in the northwestern direction.

23:22: The all-clear was given in these oblasts.

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