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Ukrainian soldier and movie industry employee Ruslan Volodin dies in combat

Monday, 11 December 2023, 17:56
Ukrainian soldier and movie industry employee Ruslan Volodin dies in combat

Ruslan Volodin, a Ukrainian soldier and a mechanic operator of the Patriot Rental company, has died on the front.

Source: webpage of the KINOKO cinematography film festival

Quote: "Another tragic news. Our colleague Ruslan Volodin, 1st Dolly mechanic of Patriot Rental, has died on the front."


Volodin worked on such full-length movies and TV series as Zakhar Berkut, Cyborgs, Myrnyi-21, The Stronghold, Battle for Sevastopol, The Sniffer and many others.

Ruslan’s colleague Artem Lytvynenko, director of The Sniffer detective series, reacted to the news about his death:

"Ruslan…I cannot fathom this…I looked through the photos, and you’re working in almost all of them. On the hardest shifts, working overtime and not getting enough sleep – you are always smiling and always in a good mood. You were a real pro, loved and respected by everyone. You went to the front as a volunteer in the first few days [of the full-scale war – ed.]. You couldn’t do otherwise. This is how you were. The war and damned Russia is taking away the best people…" Lytvynenko wrote.

Hanna Ustenko, founder of the PATRIOT company, urged everyone to help Ruslan’s family. She added that the funeral will be held next week.

"Ruslan was and will remain the Hero for his parents, for us, for his country! He will stay in our hearts forever…

We bow down to his parents and pray!" Ustenko wrote.

Right after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Ruslan Volodin joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During his service he received the rank of lieutenant and was appointed as commander of the fire support company of the 205th Battalion.

Ruslan revealed in an interview for LIGAnet that he had participated in many war movie shoots. He said that movies about war are very different from reality.

"As a person working in the movie industry I know that it is not real life. Life is very different and more unpredictable. You can write the script however you want but what is going on in real life cannot be scripted," he explained.

"The war is mud, blood, sweat and misery," Ruslan summed up.

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