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Ukrainian actor and soldier Andrii Pavlenko killed in action

Monday, 11 December 2023, 11:52
Ukrainian actor and soldier Andrii Pavlenko killed in action

Ukraine. Daria Oriekhova, Andrii's wife and actress, made an announcement about his death on 10 December.

"The war has no mercy on anyone... war takes our dearest and beloved people! The war took Andrii Pavlenko. I will update you on the day of farewell with Andrii later! PS: I will miss you very much, my love...", Oriekhova said.

Andrii Pavlenko was a Ukrainian actor with over fifty TV series and films in his portfolio. Some of the most popular films in which Andrii starred are Dr Baby Dust, The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno, The Illusion of Fear, 1941 and Waiting List.


The theatre community also reacted to Andrii's death. Oles Katsion, an actor in the Wild Theatre, noted:

"Friends... Yesterday, Andrii Pavlenko passed away. A friend, a talented actor, a documentary filmmaker, a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a loving father and a true patriot of Ukraine. This is a terrible shock for everyone who knew him."

He added that those concerned can donate money to help the actor's family.

Background: Recently, Vasyl Kukharskyi, an actor and soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, had also been KIA in Ukraine.

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