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Dutch PM confident he will be able to convince Orbán to vote for Ukraine

Thursday, 14 December 2023, 11:51
Dutch PM confident he will be able to convince Orbán to vote for Ukraine
Mark Rutte. Stock photo: Getty Images

Mark Rutte, the long-time Prime Minister of the Netherlands, who is completing his mandate in office, believes that Hungary's Premier Viktor Orbán will give in and the EU summit will reach an agreement on Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda, citing Rutte before the beginning of the EU leaders’ summit in Brussels.

Details: Mark Rutte explained that his optimism is based on previous experience. "So far, we have managed to reach unanimity, including regarding Orbán. And I am absolutely confident and will work hard to ensure this happens today," he said.


Rutte did not specify how he saw the future decision but emphasised that he supported the proposal of the European Commission, which recommended opening negotiations with Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands also recalled the EU Council's unblocking of EUR 10 billion in funding for Hungary, saying that it was "just a coincidence" considering Ukrainian issues at the EU summit.

Mark Rutte is also waiting for the EU's decision on financial aid to Ukraine: "Due to the development of events in the USA, where the delay is more due to internal reasons, and not because of Ukraine, it is even more important that we make this decision now."



As European Pravda reported, on the morning of 14 December, key leaders tried to convince Orbán of the need to support Ukraine. After that, the Hungarian leader said that he was not opposing Ukraine joining the EU, but "saw no reason" for negotiations.

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