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Voting against funding for Ukraine supports Russia – White House

Monday, 4 December 2023, 23:31
Voting against funding for Ukraine supports Russia – White House
Stock photo: Getty Images

Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Adviser, urged Congress to support the White House's request for additional funding for Ukraine, warning that refusing to vote in favour would help the Russian Federation.

Source: Sullivan said this at a briefing on Monday 4 December, as reported by European Pravda

Details: According to Sullivan, "any member of Congress who does not support funding for Ukraine is voting for an outcome that will make it easier for Putin to prevail."


"That is, a vote against supporting Ukraine is a vote to improve Putin's strategic position. That's just an inescapable reality," he stressed.

Sullivan added that voting against additional funding for Ukraine would "hurt Ukraine and help Russia".

"It will hurt democracy and help dictators. And we think that that is not the right lesson of history and that every member, Democrat and Republican, should vote to support this follow up."

In September, the White House asked Congress to approve a US$106 billion additional funding package that included more than US$61 billion in funding for Ukraine, as well as spending on aid to Israel, Taiwan and border protection.

But the initiative was stalled by opposition from far-right Republicans in the House of Representatives, whose new speaker, Mike Johnson, proposed splitting aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Last week, Johnson said he felt "confident and optimistic" that Congress could pass additional funding for both Israel and Ukraine. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden's administration warned the leaders of the US Congress that the funds allocated to help Ukraine will run out by the end of this year.

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