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UK Foreign Secretary promises support for Ukraine will not decrease

Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 20:57
UK Foreign Secretary promises support for Ukraine will not decrease
David Cameron. Stock photo: Getty Images

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has stated that London’s support for Ukraine will not decrease next year.

Source: European Pravda with reference to The Guardian

Details: Cameron said this while taking questions in the House of Lords for the first time in his new post.


He remarked that the UK has provided Ukraine with humanitarian and economic aid worth over £4.7 billion (just under US$6 billion) and will continue to provide support.

He noted that the UK has sent military aid worth £4.6 billion (about US$5.7 billion) to Ukraine, adding that this is essential and will continue.

Cameron stated that the situation on the front lines in Ukraine has been difficult, but the Ukrainians have pushed the Russians right back in the Black Sea.

Asked how much the UK will spend on arming Ukraine in 2024, Cameron said he did not have that figure to hand, but stressed that support would be provided at the scale it has been before, or beyond that.

He stated that the UK would focus on what Ukraine really needs.

Background: Cameron is to visit Washington on 6 December on his first visit to the US since his appointment as foreign secretary. The visit will focus on supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.

Cameron’s first working visit as foreign secretary was to Ukraine on 16 November. While in Kyiv, he insisted that Russia’s hopes of waiting the war out are vain.

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