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Zelenskyy abruptly cancels online briefing for US senators

Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 22:05
Zelenskyy abruptly cancels online briefing for US senators
Photo: Dmytro Larin for Ukrainska Pavda

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic majority in the US Senate, has said that Volodymyr Zelenskyy cancelled an online briefing for US senators, during which he was to talk about the situation on the frontline and Kyiv's need for weapons.

Source: Schumer at a briefing on Tuesday, European Pravda reports

The leader of the Democrats in the Upper House of the US parliament stressed the need to support Ukraine, as "it's a turning point in Western civilisation, this is a historic moment and this (voting for support – ed.) cannot be delayed any longer".


"Zelenskyy, by the way, could not make it to our briefing at three (22:00 Kyiv time), something happened at the last minute," Schumer added.  

He noted, however, that Democratic Senator Mark Warner would address the senators, "who knows this so well, how desperate Ukraine is for the aid that the President (Joe Biden. – ed.) has proposed."

Previously, Schumer announced that Zelenskyy was to address US senators in a closed briefing via secure video conference link to inform them of the state of the war in Ukraine and the need to support Kyiv.

In September, the White House asked Congress to approve a $106 billion supplemental funding package, which includes more than $61 billion in funding for Ukraine, as well as funds for Israel, Taiwan and border security.

But the initiative was hindered by the opposition of far-right Republicans in the House of Representatives, whose new Speaker Mike Johnson proposed splitting aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Last week, Johnson said he felt "confident and optimistic" that Congress could pass additional funding for both Israel and Ukraine. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden's administration warned the leaders of the US Congress that the funds allocated to help Ukraine will run out by the end of this year.

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