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Russia launches ballistic missiles over Ukraine that it bought from North Korea

Thursday, 4 January 2024, 21:11
Russia launches ballistic missiles over Ukraine that it bought from North Korea
Kim Jong Un and Putin. Photo: AFP via Getty Images

White House Spokesman John Kirby has said Russia has used missiles purchased from North Korea at least twice: on 30 December 2023, a missile hit an open field in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and on 2 January 2024 (the consequences of the use are still being assessed).

Source: The Washington Post; John Kirby, US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications 

Quote: "Our information indicates that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recently provided Russia with ballistic missile launchers and several dozen ballistic missiles — and Russia has launched multiple ballistic missiles into Ukraine."


Details: An official said Russia is becoming increasingly isolated on the world stage and is forced to look for military equipment in like-minded countries.

Another official noted that the North Korean projectiles were represented by short-range ballistic missiles that Moscow launched in late December and early January.

Although officials told The Washington Post that Pyongyang had provided "several dozen ballistic missiles", it was unclear how much of it North Korea had sent or which amount it plans to provide in the coming months.


In November, South Korea accused North Korea of supplying Russia with several types of missiles, including anti-tank missiles, man-portable anti-aircraft missiles, ballistic missiles and rifles, missile launchers, mortars and shells.

Russia began receiving ballistic missile supplies from North Korea a few weeks ago.

Kirby stated that the United States has information that North Korea (DPRK) transferred a certain batch of ballistic missiles and their launchers to Russia and they have been used to strike Ukraine.

Kirby said Russian forces launched at least one North Korean-made ballistic missile over Ukraine on 30 December 2023. "This missile appears to have landed in an open field in the Zaporizhzhia region," he emphasised.

Russia launched a number of North Korean-made missiles over Ukraine on 2 January 2024. The aftermath of their use is still being assessed.

These North Korean-made missiles, as Kirby emphasised, are capable of hitting targets at a distance of approximately 900 kilometres.

The White House representative noted that in exchange for ballistic missiles, Pyongyang wants to receive fighter jets, surface-to-air missiles, armoured combat vehicles, ballistic missile production facilities and leading military technologies from Russia.


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