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Ukrainian hackers leak data of all Alfa Bank clients in Russia online

Monday, 8 January 2024, 17:24
Ukrainian hackers leak data of all Alfa Bank clients in Russia online
Stock photo: Getty Images

The Ukrainian hacker group Kiborg has made the entire client base of the Russian Alfa Bank publicly available.

Source: Kiborg on their website

Details: Kiborg hackers, acting in collaboration with NLB hackers, gained access to the customer database in October 2023 and exposed information about 44,000 customers.


The database contains information on the names, dates of birth, phone numbers, cards and accounts of 38 million unique individuals and legal entities.

The Vazhnyye Istorii (Important Stories) website clarified that this includes over 24 million customer accounts and over 13 million more data on legal entities.

"The bank's press office rushed to deny the news, calling the personal data we presented as evidence 'compiled from several random numbers'. Later, the message was changed to accuse us of falsifying the information.

We would like to extend our greetings to Alfa Bank's security team and personally to [Russian oligarch] Mikhail Fridman. Earlier, we managed to contact him, and he commented on the hacking of the bank's client base by saying: 'Well, whatever'. Perhaps one day he will be more willing to talk to us," the hackers added.

Background: In October, Fridman, the co-owner of Alfa-Bank and sanctioned Russian billionaire, announced that the shareholders of ABH Holdings S.A. might reconsider the decision regarding the sale of the financial institution.

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