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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry considers anti-Ukrainian actions in Poland unacceptable

Friday, 16 February 2024, 18:13
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry considers anti-Ukrainian actions in Poland unacceptable
Photo: Getty Images

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has called the latest anti-Ukrainian actions in Poland unacceptable and called on the Polish authorities to prevent illegal actions against Ukrainian cargo and properly respond to rhetoric that harms bilateral relations.

Source: statement by Oleh Nikolenko, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; European Pravda

Details: According to the spokesperson, the most recent examples of such anti-Ukrainian actions were particularly radical manifestations: the spoilage of Ukrainian grain at the border and yesterday's demonstration of farmers in Wrocław with anti-Ukrainian slogans.


"These actions, in addition to blocking the Polish-Ukrainian border, not only cause numerous losses to the Ukrainian economy, which is already suffering from Russian aggression, but also violate the principles of Ukrainian-Polish solidarity.

Ukrainians pay with their lives for Polish and other European cities to live in peace. This should not be forgotten or taken for granted," Nikolenko said.

Any attempts to weaken the Ukrainian economy with radical or anti-market measures will only undermine the ability to deter Russian aggression and create additional threats to Poland's security and well-being, the spokesperson said.

"Ukraine is deeply grateful to both the Polish authorities and Polish citizens for all their support and assistance during these two years of Russia’s full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian side has always supported a constructive approach to resolving issues related to Ukrainian grain and trade transit.

We expect that the Polish authorities will adhere to a similar approach, including effective prevention of illegal actions against Ukrainian cargo and a proper response to rhetoric that harms bilateral relations," the statement says.

Ukraine is determined to strengthen relations of friendship and mutual respect with Poland, with which it has a common European future, Nikolenko added.


  • Earlier, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal spoke with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on the phone to discuss the situation at the border, where Polish farmers had staged a blockade of Ukrainian trucks.
  • Meanwhile, the State Border Guard Service suggests that the delivery of humanitarian aid may be delayed due to the blockade of checkpoints by Polish farmers.

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