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Poland threatens to expand embargo on Ukrainian goods

Tuesday, 27 February 2024, 19:46
Poland threatens to expand embargo on Ukrainian goods
The flag of Poland. Stock photo: Getty Images

Poland may ban imports of other Ukrainian goods if the European Union does not come up with an effective way to protect Polish and European markets. Eggs, fruit and meat are all at risk.

Source: Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, as reported by The Guardian

Quote from Tusk: "We are discussing that it would be possible to extend the embargo to other products if the EU does not find a more effective way to protect the Polish and European markets."


Over the past week, Polish farmers have been protesting at the border against Ukrainian imports. According to the Guardian, they want the ban extended to include other goods, including fruit, eggs and meat.


  • About 2,100 lorries are waiting in queues at the border with Poland. Ukrainian hauliers have announced their intention to likewise block Polish-registered lorries until the Poles cease their protests.
  • Polish farmers plan to block a checkpoint on the border with Lithuania on Friday. They will stop and check all vehicles that could be transporting Ukrainian grain.

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