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Poland considers ban on food imports from Russia

Thursday, 29 February 2024, 17:12
Poland considers ban on food imports from Russia
Donald Tusk. Photo: Getty Images

Poland will "carefully analyse" the consequences of Latvia's decision to ban the import of Russian food products, and says it might do the same.

Source: Bloomberg with reference to a statement by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Details: Tusk intends to address this issue during a meeting with farmers, as the issue of excess supply and "unequal" competition is linked not only to trade with Ukraine, but also to imports from Russia and Belarus.


The prime ministers of Poland and Latvia agreed to work together to persuade European leaders to take steps to import food from the east.


  • The Latvian Parliament approved amendments to the Law On the Development of Villages and Agriculture that prohibit imports of agricultural products from Russia and Belarus.
  • Latvia is also advocating the introduction of European-level sanctions against Russian grain imports. The Latvian government suggests replacing it with Ukrainian grain.

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