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Russians reassign Ukrainian language teachers to teach Russian in occupied Luhansk

Sunday, 14 April 2024, 13:30
Russians reassign Ukrainian language teachers to teach Russian in occupied Luhansk
Photo: NiseriN/Getty Images

Teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature in temporarily occupied Luhansk are being sent for retraining by the Russians. The courses to change their qualifications will take 256 hours.

Source: Luhansk Oblast State Administration on Facebook

The report notes that teachers with a diploma in Ukrainian language and literature, as well as those who have not taken refresher courses since 2014, are being sent for retraining.


Quote: "The university, which the invaders call the Luhansk State Pedagogical University, operates on the occupied territory and provides free vocational training in the specialities of 'Russian language and literature' and 'preschool education'.

They are willing to spend 256 hours on [retraining] staff to spread propaganda among schoolchildren. That is how long these courses last," Luhansk Oblast State Administration states.

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Luhansk Oblast State Administration also reported that in 2023, the LPR did not use 99% of the funds that were supposed to be used for medication under the reimbursement programme (LPR, Luhansk People's Republic, is the part of Ukraine's Luhansk Oblast currently occupied by the Russians and pro-Kremlin collaborationists – ed.). People were supposed to receive these medications on preferential prescriptions, including free of charge.

"They didn't use them [the funds – ed.] because they didn't want to. Due to the inactivity of the local 'ministry of health', the population that had been participating in the reimbursement programme for many years had to buy the medicines they needed for their lives at their own expense. They were left with no choice," says the Luhansk Oblast State Administration. 

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