Russians in Kharkiv Oblast inactive since start of day as they regroup – General Staff

Iryna Balachuk — Wednesday, 15 May 2024, 13:07

The Russians have not conducted active operations since the beginning of the day, instead trying to consolidate their positions and regroup on the Kharkiv front.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 11:30 on 15 May

Details: Reportedly, Ukrainian units use reconnaissance means to identify separate groups of the Russians, the locations of Russian artillery deployments, and deliver strikes to prevent the accumulation of Russian forces and equipment in the northern part of the city of Vovchansk. 

Additionally, Ukrainian units continue to sweep through urban areas, concentrating on locations with Russian manpower and equipment, and potential Russian positions.

Quote from the General Staff: "The Russian occupiers lost 615 soldiers killed and wounded, and 98 units of weapons and military equipment have been destroyed or damaged since the beginning of the enemy's offensive operations on the Kharkiv front on 10 May 2024."

Details: On the Kupiansk front, Ukrainian military units repelled one Russian attack and are continuing to engage in eight battles along the Lyman Pershyi − Synkivka, Kuzemivka − Stelmakhivka, Krokhmalne − Berestove, Kotliarivka − Pishchane, and Karmazynivka-Novoyehorivka fronts. No Ukrainian positions have been lost, the General Staff emphasises.

On the Lyman front, Ukrainian defenders repelled one attack by the Russians on the Chervonopopivka-Novosadove front, with the Russians failing to achieve success.

On the Siversk front, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding back five attacks by the Russians on the Vesele-Rozdolivka, Berestove-Spirne, Mykolaivka-Spirne, and Yakovlivka-Rozdolivka fronts. The situation is under control.

On the Kramatorsk front, Defence Forces units are taking measures to improve their tactical positions in certain areas. Combat operations are ongoing, and the situation is under control.

On the Toretsk front, Ukrainian military units are repelling one Russian attack on the Zaitseve-Kurdiumivka front, with no positions lost.

On the Pokrovsk front, Ukrainian defenders repelled two Russian attacks on the Ocheretyne-Novooleksandrivka front. One battle is ongoing on the Solovyove-Sokil front, and another Russian attack is being repelled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Semenivka-Novoselivka Persha front. In one sector, during a Russian attack, the Defence Forces destroyed a Russian tank and two infantry fighting vehicles, improving their tactical position. In another sector, due to intense Russian fire, Ukrainian soldiers are regrouping.

On the Kurakhove front, Ukrainian forces are repelling one Russian attack on the Slavne-Novomykhailivka front. Currently, no positions have been lost, the situation is under control, and the fighting continues. Reportedly, some units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have undertaken measures to improve their tactical positions and have succeeded.

The General Staff reported that the Russians have been most active on the Vremivka front since the beginning of the current day. Here, Defence Forces units repelled eight attacks and continue to hold back two more by the Russians on the Mykilske-Kostiantynivka, Solodke-Kostiantynivka, Zavіtne Bazhannia-Staromykhailivka, and Volodyne-Staromykhailivka fronts. Ukrainian positions have not been compromised, and the fighting persists.

On the Orikhiv front, Ukrainian defenders repelled three Russian attacks on the Novoprokofivka-Robotyne front, with the Russians achieving no success.

There have been no significant changes in the situation on other fronts, including in the border areas of Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts.

"In total, there have been 41 combat clashes since the beginning of the day. The Russians conducted one airstrike using guided bombs and 17 drone kamikaze attacks, firing over 470 times at our positions.

Since the beginning of the day, nearly 260 occupiers have been killed, along with 76 units of weaponry and military equipment destroyed. Our units also targeted two enemy ammunition storage points," summarised the General Staff.

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