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Kharkiv Oblast

Russians drop air bombs on Vilkhuvatka, Kharkiv Oblast, injuring woman

Zelenskyy visits Ukrainian forces' frontline positions on Kupiansk front

Man dies in hospital after being wounded in Friday attack on Vovchanski Khutory

Air Force downs all attack drones launched by Russians overnight

Remains of another body recovered from under rubble in Kupiansk

Explosions rock Kharkiv

Woman's body recovered from rubble following Russian airstrike on Kupiansk

Russians drop air bombs on Kupiansk, five people injured – photo, video

Two-storey house ruined in Kupiansk, people may be trapped under rubble

Russians attack 11 Ukrainian oblasts during day, killing and injuring civilians

One person killed and another wounded in Russian attack on Kharkiv Oblast

Civilian evacuation accelerates in Kupiansk district amid intensified Russian attacks

Police identify 875 out of 1,008 deceased bodies in liberated areas of Kharkiv Oblast

Land mine hits civilians in Kharkiv Oblast: two killed, one injured

Russians target car in Kharkiv Oblast, killing married couple, 17-year-old teenager – photo

Death toll from missile attack on Velykyi Burluk in Kharkiv Oblast rises to 5 – photo

Explosions rock Kharkiv Oblast

Russians strike apartment building in Velykyi Burluk: two residents dead, four people rescued from under rubble – photo

Russian artillery forces shell centre of Vovchansk, killing 61-year-old woman

Russia attacks agricultural company in Kharkiv Oblast: 2 people killed, another 2 injured

Former police officer involved in bombardment of Hroza village faces charge of treason

Russians bombard village in Kharkiv Oblast, woman's body taken out from under rubble – video, photo

Ukrainian border guards destroy Russian communication antenna disguised in forest – video

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast with Shahed drones: houses, hotel, restaurant and cars catch fire – photo, video

Kharkiv authorities report on consequences of Russian drone attack on Kharkiv Oblast

Russians push on Avdiivka and Marinka fronts, Ukrainian defenders repel over 60 attacks over last day here – General Staff

Russians push on 7 fronts; Ukraine's defenders repel almost 100 engagements over past day – General Staff report

Russians target Kupiansk district, injure 71-year-old woman

Baby's body found under rubble of hotel in Kharkiv Oblast – photo

Russians push on several fronts, 126 combat clashes occur over past day – General Staff report