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Explosion rocks Odesa during air raid

Friday, 17 May 2024, 15:33
Explosion rocks Odesa during air raid
The smoke rising after the explosion in Odesa. Photo: Suspilne. Odesa

On 17 May, the Russian military struck Odesa with missiles, injuring five civilians. A fire broke out at one of the missile impact sites in Odesa Oblast, causing damage to civilian infrastructure.

Source: Suspilne. Odesa, an Odesa-related branch of Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne; Oleh Kiper, Head of Odesa Oblast Military Administration; Defence Forces of Ukraine's South; Ukraine's Air Force; Odesa Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov on Telegram

Details: At 15:14, the Air Force reported a threat of ballistic missile strikes from the southeast.


Journalists of Suspilne. Odesa reported an explosion in the city. Subsequently, Ukrainian forces issued a warning about combat activities taking place.

"Residents of Odesa and Odesa district, please stay in safe places until the all-clear is sounded. This is important!" Oleh Kiper added.

At 15:28, Suspilne journalists released a photo showing the smoke rising after the explosion in Odesa.


Updated: At 16:59, Odesa Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov said that three people had been hurt as a result of the Russian attack. They have been taken to hospital and are receiving treatment.

Kiper went on to say that Russia had launched a missile attack on the city.

"A large fire broke out in the Odesa district when one of the missiles struck. Civilian infrastructure has been damaged. We now know about five victims. Three injured people were hospitalised, while two more were treated on the spot."

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