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Explosion heard in Poltava Oblast during air-raid alert

Two civilians killed and 8 injured in Russian attacks on Sumy Oblast

Explosion rings out in Zaporizhzhia

Explosions heard in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Russians attack 6 hromadas in Sumy Oblast, almost 200 explosions in one day

Russians attack one community in Sumy Oblast with 12 rockets and another with 14 air-dropped mines

Explosions rock Russia's Lipetsk, metallurgical plant on fire – video

Russian attacks on Sumy Oblast: Russian forces drop 42 explosives on 1 community and 3 bombs on another

Russians attack Kramatorsk, injuring six people – photo

Russian attacks on Sumy Oblast: over 250 explosions, 4 civilians injured

Explosions rock Poltava Oblast and Dnipro

Explosions rock Kharkiv

Russians attack Sumy Oblast, causing 230 explosions in one day

Explosions heard in Russia's Kursk and Belgorod oblasts – video

Explosion rocks Russia's Rostov

Russians attack Sumy Oblast, using 12 air-dropped mines in one area

Explosion rocks Poltava Oblast

Explosion rocks Russia's Altai defence facility, with authorities describing it as a 'bang' – video

Explosions rock Kharkiv Oblast

Russians strike two Kherson hospitals and the oblast, injuring 2 civilians – video

Russians strike Sumy Oblast, dropping mines and VOG grenades

Explosion near Kropyvnytskyi: No casualties or damage

Attack on Sumy Oblast: more than 150 explosions in one day, Russians dropped 12 mines on one of districts

Explosions heard in Izmail in Odesa Oblast

Russians bombard Kharkiv with Shahed drones, damaging civilian infrastructure

Russians attack 11 areas in Sumy Oblast, causing over 250 explosions in one day

Russians attack Sumy Oblast: Over 150 explosions in one day

Powerful explosion occurs at plant in Russia that produces ballistic missiles – video

Georgian authorities intercept cargo of Ukrainian explosives allegedly bound for Voronezh

Russians attack 9 hromadas in Sumy Oblast with mortars, artillery and air-dropped mines