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Several countries withdraw from Peace Summit after draft decision change

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 12:31
Several countries withdraw from Peace Summit after draft decision change
The flag of Switzerland. Stock photo: Getty Images

Several states that had planned to attend the Peace Summit in Switzerland have decided not to go there after the draft decision was changed in favour of Ukraine.

Source: the article Kyiv's allies save Ukraine from accepting unfavorable conditions during Peace Summit in Switzerland by European Pravda

Details: As of 5 June, Switzerland officially announced that it had "received more than 80 confirmations of attendance at the level of heads of states and governments", and the total number of confirmed attendees, as reported by officials, exceeded 100.


However, in the following days, this phrase had to be removed from the event's website, and now it reads that "around 90 states have confirmed their participation in the Summit on Peace in Ukraine, most of them at head of state or government level".

Several states are still waiting for the final draft of the summit decision, while others are being pressured by Russia. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been travelling worldwide in recent weeks, encouraging countries to join the summit.

Sources of European Pravda reported that, in reality, about 15 countries have "paused" their attendance.


In addition, the number of those who have signalled a demotion from the presidential or prime ministerial level to the level of ministers or even their deputies is in the dozens.

Switzerland rejected the final document of the Peace Summit, which could have had undesirable consequences for Ukraine – the decision's text has been changed in recent days.

"Although it is obvious that due to the recent changes, the summit will be attended by fewer states than initially anticipated by Bankova Street [where the Ukrainian President's Office is located] eight days ago, it is better to have a summit of like-minded people than to make concessions on issues that are critical for the state," the article noted.

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