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China at UN calls on Ukraine and Russia to meet each other halfway

Saturday, 15 June 2024, 04:29
China at UN calls on Ukraine and Russia to meet each other halfway
Geng Shuang. Screenshot

Geng Shuang, China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has called on Ukraine and Russia to "meet each other halfway" and start peace talks as soon as possible.

Source: China Times; UN Security Council meeting, convened at Russian request on the eve of the Peace Summit in Switzerland

Quote from Shuang: "Weapons may end a war, but they cannot bring lasting peace. China calls on the parties to the conflict to demonstrate political will, come together and start peaceful talks as soon as possible to achieve a ceasefire and halt military actions."


Details: Shuang also called on the international community to "prioritise peace and humanity, intensify efforts to promote peace and talks, avoid escalation of confrontation, unite efforts to overcome the negative consequences of the crisis [as China calls Russia's invasion of Ukraine] and work together to create conditions for a political settlement of the crisis."

Shuang stated that China's position on Ukraine is "consistent and clear": "China will continue to uphold an objective and impartial position, maintain close communication with all parties, persistently advocate and promote talks, exert relentless efforts and play a constructive role in facilitating the quickest possible political resolution to the crisis in Ukraine."

He also stated that the US spread lies that China supported the war initiated by Russia, emphasising that trade between the US and Russia has never ceased, even after the beginning of the war. 


According to Shuang, China has always called for peace and facilitated talks to advance a political solution.

Quote: "China has not provided lethal weapons to any party to the conflict and has always strictly controlled dual-use goods. Economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia complies with WTO [World Trade Organisation] rules and market principles. It is not directed against third parties and does not violate international law. In fact, trade exchanges between the US and Russia have never ceased, even after the beginning of the war."

Meanwhile, Geng Shuang called on the US to stop attacking and "smearing China because of the Ukrainian issue" and also to cease unilateral sanctions against Chinese businesses.


  • Reuters reported that China, which would not attend this weekend's Peace Summit in Switzerland, was lobbying world governments ahead of the Swiss meeting to promote its peace plan. 
  • The Chinese proposal envisages holding an international peace conference "at a proper time that is recognised by both Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation of all parties as well as fair discussion of all peace plans".
  • UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps accused China of providing or preparing to provide lethal weaponry to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine.
  • The US accused China of aiding Russia in achieving military objectives in Ukraine and warned of sanctions for supporting the Russian war.

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