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NYT: US Secretary of State addresses China and India on Russian nuclear weapons in space

Chinese foreign minister assures Ukrainian counterpart that Beijing does not sell lethal arms to Russia

Ukrainian and Chinese foreign ministers discuss restoring peace in Ukraine

EU proposes sanctions against Chinese firms that aid Russia – Bloomberg

Military supplies delivered to Belarus aboard 4 Chinese flights, observers report

Ukraine invites Xi Jinping to Global Peace Summit in Switzerland – Ukrainian President's Office

Hyundai sells its plant in Russia

Skhemy project claims Chinese surveillance cameras in Ukraine transmit information to manufacturer's servers

Ukraine wants to arrange conversation between Zelenskyy and Xi – Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Chinese PM decides not to meet with Zelenskyy in Davos – Politico

We'll see – Zelenskyy on China's participation in Peace Formula Summit

Putin tells Xi he intends to fight in Ukraine for at least 5 years – Nikkei Asia

European Council President to cut visit to China short over Hungarian PM's threats against Ukraine − Politico

Lukashenko arrives in China for talks with Xi Jinping

China on plans to build tunnel from Russia to Crimea: Groundless statement

France urges China not to help Russia in its war against Ukraine

Russia set to build underwater tunnel between Crimea and Russia with China's help – WP

War in Ukraine can escalate into World War III, Russia is preparing – Zelenskyy

China calls Biden's words about "dictator" Xi "irresponsible manipulation"

China's Foreign Ministry says talks between Xi and Biden did not change China's position on "Ukraine crisis"

Biden says they made real progress during meeting with Xi Jinping

US President begins meeting with Chinese leader in San Francisco

China could play a role in helping US support Ukraine

Biden wants to restore military ties with China – Sullivan

US warns China: helping Russia will have significant consequences for Chinese companies

Biden's meeting with Xi: Details emerge of what leaders will discuss in San Francisco

Germany's Scholz discusses Russian war against Ukraine with China's Xi via video link

Zelenskyy's Office explains why China will miss meeting in Malta

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry confirms no Chinese participation in Malta meeting

Presidents of the US and China to meet in November – AP