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Putin jeopardises Russia's relations with China by cooperating with North Korea, it's good signal – Zelenskyy

Sunday, 30 June 2024, 17:05
Putin jeopardises Russia's relations with China by cooperating with North Korea, it's good signal – Zelenskyy
Putin and Kim Jong Un at the meeting on 18th of June. Photo: KCNA

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, believes that Russian ruler Vladimir Putin puts Russia’s relations with China at risk by making agreements with North Korea, and it’s a good signal for Ukraine.

Source: Zelenskyy in an interview for Trudy Rubin, columnist of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the video of which was published by the Ukrainian leader's press service 

Details: Asked whether China wants to "throw a fork into America’s eyes" by indirect support for Russia, Zelenskyy stated: "The meeting between Putin and North Korea is a fork thrown into Xi Jinping’s eyes. Putin is still afraid of China but he has no choice".


Zelenskyy stated that over 100 participants of the Peace Summit in Switzerland and the shrinking numbers of Russian artillery had made Putin seek such allies as North Korea.

Quote: "He was forced by political isolation and, secondly, he lacks artillery. He puts the relations with China at risk simply because of the lack of ammunition. And this is a good signal for our troops – Russia is not doing that well on the battlefield."

More details: Zelenskyy noted that North Korea's stockpiles of shells – without taking into account current production – amount to roughly five million, and it is less than Russia used in the war against Ukraine since the beginning of the year.


"This shows that they cannot give him everything because they need [their] stocks. But this shows our partners that we should not talk about a protracted war because he (Putin – ed.) does not have enough resources. We do not want [to wage a protracted war] in Ukraine, and he wants it but he has no resources, and it’s a fact," Zelenskyy says.

He added that China has a "harsh dialogue with the US" but "tries to find a warm format [of communication] with Europe".

"China needs this because it is a big market, 600 million people, and these are big economies. What is Europe for China, and what is Russia? Russia has a GDP of US$3 trillion, China has US$ 25-26 trillion, and the US US$30 trillion. What is Russia for these states? Honestly, it’s nothing for them," Zelenskyy stated.

He urged the US not to be afraid of Putin because "he is weak if compared to the world economy".

Zelenskyy also believes that Western countries should persuade China to leave the alliance with Russia.

Quote: "China is afraid that without Russia, the relations between China and the US will become even more complicated. They see Putin as a restraining factor. I’m trying to divert China’s attention from Russia and engage it in our process…And I think that whatever difficulties there are, Europe and America should try to disconnect China from Russia. I think it will be more fair and make more sense"

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