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Russian grouping in Kharkiv Oblast suffers over 90% losses in two-month offensive

Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 13:28
Russian grouping in Kharkiv Oblast suffers over 90% losses in two-month offensive
A Ukrainian artillery piece engaging its target. Photo: Army Inform

Russian forces have deployed 10,350 troops for the offensive in the border areas of Kharkiv Oblast, which commenced two months ago.

Source: Army Inform news outlet, citing Colonel Viktor Solimchuk, Deputy Commander of the Kharkiv Operational Tactical Group (OTP) and its Chief of Staff at a briefing

Details: The colonel reported that, as of early July, Russian losses included 2,939 soldiers killed in action and 6,509 wounded in action. Additionally, 45 Russian troops have been captured by Ukrainian forces.


"Therefore, the estimated enemy losses on our front are approximately 91%," Solimchuk said.

The Russians have lost most of their 138th Motorised Rifle Brigade in the war-torn city of Vovchansk, with their 83rd and 157th Tank Regiments suffering considerable losses.

Russia's 83rd Air Assault Brigade is also constantly suffering losses, sometimes several dozen people a day, which is confirmed by both prisoners of war and radio intercepts, the Ukrainian military said.


The Kharkiv OTP reported that, given the enormous losses, the Russian military command is compelled to withdraw units from other areas, deploy reserves, and engage the so-called volunteer Orthodox communist-fascist brigades. One of them is named after Alexander Nevsky, a key figure in mediaeval Russian history.

At the same time, Ukraine's defence forces stressed that Russian troops still have a fairly serious offensive potential. They are regrouping, restoring their forces and logistics, and training assault groups in the rear.

Quote from Solimchuk: "We recognise the strength of the [Russian] occupying forces and understand their intentions. Our soldiers, artillery, and drones are making significant and tangible adjustments to the enemy's plans. All their attempts to ramp up their activities and expand their control zone are failing. We shall continue to crush the occupiers along the entire state border and the war zone, disrupting their aggressive plans."

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