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65% of Ukrainians approve of security agreements but their expectations are modest

Friday, 5 July 2024, 12:37
65% of Ukrainians approve of security agreements but their expectations are modest
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The majority of Ukrainians believe that security agreements with partners under the continuation of the G7 Vilnius Declaration are beneficial for Ukraine's defence capability, but they have restrained expectations from these agreements.

Source: European Pravda, citing a poll by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS)

Overall, 65% of respondents believe that security agreements with Western partners are beneficial for strengthening Ukraine's defence capability. However, among them, 18% consider these agreements "very useful" while another 47% find them "rather useful." Additionally, 27% believe that such agreements will not significantly impact the country's defence capability or are simply unnecessary.


Regional differences in perception exist but are not very significant: figures range from 59% in the country's east to 68% in the west. Scepticism towards the agreements is held by no more than a quarter of the population in each region.

However, 51% of those surveyed believe that Ukraine will still receive insufficient support to effectively counter Russia.

A total of 27% think that security agreements will help at least restrain the Russian army and possibly liberate some territories. Only 13% believe that through these agreements, Ukraine will get everything it needs for victory.


Note: Data collection was conducted from 16 May to 22 May 2024, and from 20 June to 25 June 2024, using the computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) method based on random sampling of mobile phone numbers across all regions of Ukraine in government-controlled territory. In total, 1067 adult Ukrainian citizens who were in Ukraine at the time were surveyed.


  • In April, a survey by the Razumkov Centre revealed that at that time, over 80% of Ukrainians believed that security agreements would contribute to strengthening Ukraine in countering Russian aggression, with nearly 44% strongly supporting this view.
  • On 27 June, Ukraine signed three new security agreements with the EU, Estonia and Lithuania in Brussels.
  • Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk stated that the security agreement with Ukraine was practically complete and would be signed with a "99%" probability before the NATO summit in Washington in July.

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