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Mariia Yemets

journalist at European Pravda
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Polish protesters continue blocking lorries on border at four checkpoints

ECHR rejects Russian singer Kirkorov's complaint about ban on entry into Lithuania

Norwegian foreign minister comes to Odesa during his visit to Ukraine

UK Defence Intelligence comments on Ukrainian capabilities and Russian defence after explosions in Tatarstan in early April

Tusk: Denmark and Poland are not considering any scenarios other than preserving integral independent Ukraine

Polish and Danish Prime Ministers talk about creating an Iron Dome for Europe

Lawmakers fight in Georgian parliament during consideration of controversial law on "foreign agents" – video

Macron to propose global ceasefire, including Ukraine, during Olympics

US, UK and France aid in repelling attack on Israel

Half of French youth ready to fight in Ukraine to defend France's interests, study finds

Ukraine may receive €1.9bn in macro-financing from EU in May

Montenegro plans to join EU mission training Ukrainian soldiers

Details on expert group from Northern Europe to advise Kyiv on EU accession revealed

Trump supports approval of assistance to Ukraine, but in loan form

EU suggests using GPS tracking to control Ukrainian hauliers

UK considers providing its latest laser weapons to Ukraine

Poland criticises US for delay in aid to Ukraine

Media reveals Trump's ideas about NATO and ending Russo-Ukrainian war