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European Commission explains why Orbán's "peace mission" is not mediation

Tuesday, 9 July 2024, 15:04
European Commission explains why Orbán's peace mission is not mediation
European Commission spokesperson Eric Mamer. Stock photo: Getty Images

Commenting on the EU’s position on Viktor Orbán’s so-called peace mission, European Commission spokesperson Eric Mamer said that Ukraine did not ask the Hungarian PM to act as a mediator and that it was more likely to be his own initiative.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Mamer

Details: A journalist from a Chinese publication asked why the EU had such a harsh reaction to Orbán’s "peace mission" and why not give the Hungarian leader a chance to achieve some success.


Quote: "Well, you speak of mediation. But as far as I’m aware, when you mediate, it’s because both parties ask you to mediate. That’s the very notion of mediation. And as far as I’m aware, neither of the two sides, but certainly not Ukrainians, asked him to mediate."

"The second point is that there is a very simple way to end this conflict [war – ed.] which was created by Russia and it is for Russia to stop the war."

More details: Mamer also reiterated that the EU supported the peace formula process initiated by Ukraine, which aims to achieve a just and sustainable peace.



  • A number of European leaders criticised Orbán’s "peacekeeping" visit to Moscow.
  • European Council President Charles Michel stressed that Orbán had no mandate to engage with Russia on behalf of the EU. He also stressed that Orbán’s visit was taking place exclusively within the framework of bilateral relations between Hungary and Russia.
  • Orbán himself noted that Hungary had no mandate to negotiate peace between Ukraine and Russia.

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