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Prigozhin in conflict with Shoigu and wants to punish him

Explosions in hotel with Kadyrov fighters in Volnovakha, Donetsk Oblast

Chechen leader extends mobilisation in Chechnya

Chechen leader: 23 Chechen soldiers killed and 58 injured in Kherson Oblast

After report about death of "kadyrovites" in Kherson Oblast, Kadyrov started talking about jihad

Chechen leader calls on Russian conscripts not to make a fuss about outdated guns and ill-fitting uniforms

Chechen leader calls for Ukrainian cities to be "wiped out"

Chechen leader claims his 3 sons took part in hostilities in Ukraine

Part of ZNPP is under the control of the Kadyrov gang

Kadyrov says he is allegedly sending his underage sons to war

Kremlin advises Kadyrov to "set aside emotions" when discussing "special operation"

Chechen authorities mobilise over 500 men who applied for passports

Chechen leader says mobilisation does not extend to Chechnya

Chechen leader threatens 20 women detained at anti-war rally in Chechnya: Their children and husbands to be sent to fight in Ukraine

Russia "isn’t retreating in the slightest: it’s just a subtlety of warfare" – Kadyrov

Kadyrov announces sending 10,000 fighters back to Ukraine

Kadyrov to visit Putin if situation on the front remains unchanged

Kadyrov no longer wants to resign due to signs of "global Satanism observed in Donbas"

Security Service of Ukraine identifies another Kadyrovite who tortured and killed people in Kyiv Oblast

Chechen leader Kadyrov now officially suspect in Ukraine

Putin brings Kadyrov to his meeting with Erdoğan: the war in Ukraine is on the agenda

Luhansk militants make Ramzan Kadyrov their hero

Kadyrov criticises CSTO countries for "silence" about war in Ukraine

Kadyrov affiliate hopes for an end to the war by the end of the year

On the 100th day of the war, Shoigu and Kadyrov decide to speed it up

Russian media report Putin’s frustration with Chechen troops’ conduct in Ukraine

Kadyrov believes the Russians should mobilise themselves - around Putin

Intelligence reveals the number of Kadyrov militants fighting in Ukraine

“Kadyrovites” suffer daily, heavy losses in the war, but they are hiding it – Russian media

Ukrainian intelligence: Russian units fire at each other near Chornobaivka