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Chechen leader Kadyrov says he found his right-hand man

Chechen leader cannot contact his right-hand man wounded in Ukraine

Kadyrov mercenaries sign contract that Prigozhin refused to sign with Russian Defence Ministry on camera

Media reports on Kadyrovites' visit to Georgia

ISW explains why Prigozhin accuses Russian Defence Ministry of attempting to destroy Wagnerites during their withdrawal from Bakhmut

Kremlin wants to replace Wagner mercenaries with Kadyrovites in war against Ukraine – ISW

Ukraine's National Security Secretary says Chechen leader should take revenge on Moscow and Putin but not Ukraine

Kadyrovites arrive in occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Chechen leader claims Ukrainian special services helped him retrieve his horse from Czech Republic

Russia is unable to conduct coordinated defence operations along entire front line – ISW

Kadyrov says he has asked Putin about moving his soldiers to Bakhmut

Prigozhin and Kadyrov to blame Russian Defence Ministry for failures in Bakhmut – ISW

Wagner Group's financier says to hand over positions in Bakhmut to Kadyrovites

Chechen leader says his fighters ready to replace Wagner Group "cannon fodder" in Bakhmut

Chairman of Chechnya's parliament, who forms Kadyrovites' units for war in Ukraine, served with suspicion

Head of Chechnya takes offence at his soldiers captured by Ukraine

Chechen leader begins recruiting militants from occupied Donbas

Kadyrov wants to create his own private military company

Chechen leader criticises Russian officials who voice Russian losses

Putin, Prigozhin and Kadyrov to visit Volgograd, city being intensively prepared

"Let them come closer": Muslims of Ukraine answer Kadyrov

Chechen leader says he begins to prepare local priests for war in Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine identifies Chechen soldier who led Russian punitive raids in Luhansk Oblast

Russia has three and a half armies, there will be war for power between them – Ukraine's Security Council Secretary

Kadyrov addresses Muslims around the world in Chinese

Chechen leader’s nephew comes to south of Ukraine to be "supervisor"

Russians take children from occupied Luhansk Oblast to Chechnya for "re-education"

Kadyrov increases influence on occupied Donbas

Chechen leader’s and "Putin’s chef’s" armies created to suppress uprisings in Russia – Defense Intelligence of Ukraine

Chechen soldiers force residents of Melitopol district to dig trenches