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Ukraine's Defence Intelligence reveals names of 141 Syrian mercenaries recruited by Russia

Russian attack drone operators being trained in Syria

Russia lures Syrians into army in exchange for Yakut passports

Russians export Ukrainian grain to Iran and Syria through Crimea

Assad to hand over Russian missile defence system to Hezbollah via Wagner Group

Over 20 soldiers injured in drone attacks on US bases

Israeli forces strike Syria's military infrastructure

Pentagon confirms attempted attack on US military base in Syria

US military bases in Middle East attacked with drones and missiles

Israel attacks Syrian international airport again

Israel observes launches from Syria into its territory

Syria conducts joint operation with Russia to take control of local Wagnerites

Ukraine's parliament terminates treaty about financial cooperation with Syria

Ukraine plans attacks on Russian forces in Syria – The Washington Post

Zelenskyy: Russia and its accomplices will be punished for aggression not only against Ukraine, but also against Syria

Zelenskyy introduces sanctions against President of Syria

Air Force explains whether Syria-like carpet bombing of Ukraine is possible

Russia decides to send paratroopers from Syria to Ukraine – General Staff

Ukraine cuts ties with Syria - Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ukraine will no longer have any relations with Syria after it recognised Donetsk and Luhansk “republics” – Zelenskyy

Syria, following Russia, recognises the "independence" of temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

President’s Office: Putin urgently transfers troops from Syria to “kindle the flame” of war in Ukraine

Intelligence: Syrian fighters go to war in Ukraine to flee to EU

Russians have already recruited more than a thousand Syrian mercenaries – General Staff

Aggressors have opened 14 recruitment centres in Syria: up to 600 USD per month to fight in Ukraine

Zelenskyy reminded Syrian mercenaries that Russia also destroyed their country

Russia seeks Syrian reinforcements for its war against Ukraine