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At least 3,800 civilians have been tortured by Russians

Giant letter Z set on fire in Belgorod: detainee claims he was tortured

About 90% of Ukrainian prisoners of war were tortured – Prosecutor General

"You should all be raped for more Russians to be born," the guards said. Svitlana Vorova from Azov Regiment talks about 11 months of captivity

Azov and Azovstal, captivity, Olenivka, pre-trial detention torture, prisoners-of-war exchange and the first tiramisu once liberated – Svitlana "Gratsia" Vorova describes her 11 months of Russian captivity in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda.

Russian Occupiers torture Ukrainians who refuse Russian passports in Kherson Oblast

Russian runaway officer reveals how Ukrainians are tortured in captivity

Tortured and imitated shooting of civilians in Irpin – Russian soldier issued notice of suspicion

Strangled, beaten and tasered: Russian torture chamber discovered in Mykolaiv Oblast

Court gives 9- and 10-year sentences in absentia to ex-Security Service of Ukraine officers who tortured activist in Russian-captured Crimea

Even teens were held in torture chambers in Kherson Oblast

22 torture chambers found in liberated Kharkiv Oblast; people were brought to Russia for torture

Police exposes another torture chamber of occupiers in liberated Vovchansk of Kharkiv Oblast

Eighteen torture chambers discovered in Kharkiv Oblast, over 1,000 Russian war criminals identified

The occupiers’ torture room found in liberated Kozacha Lopan in the Kharkiv region

Russian occupiers’ torture chambers discovered in recently liberated Kharkiv Oblast – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Bellingcat investigators have identified the occupier who tortured and executed a Ukrainian soldier

Western media learns what hell Ukrainians are going through during “filtration” by the occupiers

Occupiers are holding 600 people in torture chambers in the Kherson region: torture and inhumane conditions

8 Russian soldiers identified who tortured Ukrainian civilians and killed Motyzhyn village head’s family

In the occupied Kherson region, hundreds of Ukrainians are being kept in basements and tortured by the aggressors

Kherson region: ATO veteran Nazar Kahalniak died from torture inflicted by invaders