Lutsenko to Let MPs Access Classified Information about Ilovaisk Tragedy

Friday, 15 July 2016, 10:13

On July 15, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko offered to MPs to receive access to classified information to learn the findings of the investigation of the Ilovaisk tragedy, he stated in the Parliament.

"Considering the remarkable social demand on finding the truth and establishing who is responsible for it, the Prosecutor General’s Office is offering every MP to receive access to the classified information to be able to learn the materials and expert findings about Ilovaisk," Lutsenko suggested.

"It will help to disseminate impartial and reliable information about this case and stop political games around it," he added.

He stressed that comprehensive examination would be finalized in early August to showcase who was in command of the military units in this area, who was giving orders and who failed to give vital orders.

Parliament Speaker Andriy Parubiy promised that MPs would be maximally engaged in the investigation.

In late August 2014, Ukrainian military forces were encircled near Ilovaisk after the invasion of the regular Russian Army. According to preliminary findings, the death toll among Ukrainian forces numbered 366 servicemen, 429 more were wounded, 128 captured and 158 are still considered missing. Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios refused to disclose those responsible as he stated that the main reason for the tragedy was the invasion of more than 3.5 thousand regular Russian servicemen.

Source: Oksana Kovalenko, Ukrayinska Pravda

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