Border Guards: Russia Setting Up Black Sea Drilling Platforms

Monday, 25 July 2016, 14:10

Ukrainian border guard officers noted Russian drilling platforms in Ukraine’s special economic zone in the Black Sea, the press office of State Border Guard Service (SBGS) informs.

"During aerial surveillance, the border guards officers noted drilling platforms, fixed platforms and service vessels flying the flag of Russia," the SBGS notification reads.

"It may prove that Russia continues illegal probing and mining of natural resources, as well as industrial exploitation of equipment without proper permit of the Ukrainian authorities," the SBGS adds.

The SBGS reported this fact to the competent authorities. It informed Ukrayinska Pravda that the derricks are there at least since December last year, and today’s notification is yet more proof of this development.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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IP: 188.163.107.---Василь Таранович25.07.2016 16:16
Ну і кди ж дивиться РНБО разом з Президентом? А що записано в Конституції про територільну цілістнісь? Кого потім український народ потягне до суду?
IP: 89.214.0.---mimiguel25.07.2016 15:40
Просто потрібно скинути бомбу і все стане на свої місця.
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