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State Border Guard Service

Ukrainian forces capture three Russian soldiers tasked with covering Russian assault group with smoke screen – video

Ukrainian defenders destroy newest Russian electronic warfare system – video

Polish farmers continue to block 3 border crossings with Ukraine

Polish protesters start to partially let lorries through at Hrebenne-Rava-Ruska checkpoint

Ukrainian border guards capture three soldiers from Russian tank regiment – video

Ukrainian State Border Guard Service report on fake X account which spreads false information

Polish farmers blockade Uhryniv checkpoint for Ukrainian lorries again

Ukrainian border guards stop Russian sabotage group in Sumy Oblast

Polish protesters continue blockade of border with Ukraine at 3 checkpoints

Ukraine's border guards destroy Russian Murom-P surveillance system – video

Polish protesters unblock another crossing point on border with Ukraine

Polish farmers lift blockade at one checkpoint: who and what can pass through?

Polish protesters obstruct movement of passenger transport through Medyka-Shehyni border crossing

Fortifications being built on border of Chernihiv Oblast in case of new invasion – photo

Polish farmers to blockade Ukrainian buses at Medyka-Shehyni border checkpoint

Government submits bill to parliament to increase Border Guard Service staff by 15,000

Ukrainian defenders stop 3 Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups trying to infiltrate Ukraine

Ukrainian border guard shot dead in Odesa Oblast

Queues at border with three EU countries arise due to blockade by Polish farmers

Special regime on Ukraine's border: Border Guard Service starts to issue permits for 5-km border zone

Zelenskyy announces increase in number of border troops

Ukraine's Border Guard comments on Polish border blockade: buses are allowed to pass, but there is an issue

Ukraine's border guards comment on situation at Polish border amidst protests by farmers

Border guards show precise strikes destroying Russian equipment on Kherson's left bank – video

Poles decide to unblock Krakovets border checkpoint

All six crossing points on Polish-Ukrainian border blocked, 2,400 lorries in queue

Border blockade: Polish farmers refuse to let any lorries pass through Shehyni checkpoint

Ongoing blockade: State Border Guard Service updates info on traffic at 6 crossings with Poland

Number of Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups has fallen recently – State Border Guards

Polish border blockade: Cars and buses let through on two checkpoints