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Black Sea

Ukraine's Security Service chief confirms Sea Baby drones have been equipped with Grad multiple rocket launchers – photo

Ukraine's Sea Baby maritime drones have been equipped with Grad systems – photos

Ukraine's air defence responds in Odesa Oblast

Ukrainian maritime exports reach pre-war levels

Russians deploy submarines in Black Sea after long pause again

Ukraine's infrastructure minister unaware of alleged negotiations with Türkiye on safety of Black Sea civilian shipping

Ukraine, Russia and Türkiye hold negotiations regarding Black Sea shipping deal – Reuters

Ukrainian uncrewed surface vessels deliver tonne of explosives over 1,000 kilometres

Two missiles heading to Odesa Oblast downed above Black Sea

Possible naval drone found in Black Sea near Romania

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy Russian Forpost drone worth US$7 million over Black Sea

Defence Forces of Ukraine's South report Russian Black Sea Fleet losses in past month

Anti-ship mine explodes on Odesa coast

Russia lost ability to mine Black Sea, but there is more than enough demining work

UK Intelligence: Russia seeks ways to keep its Black Sea Fleet safe

Ukraine's defence intelligence chief says attacks on Russian ships are in preparation for Crimea operation

No Russian warships have entered Black Sea for four days in row

27 Russians wounded and 7 killed in sinking of Sergei Kotov patrol boat, Ukrainian intelligence says

Zelenskyy: There are no longer safe harbours for Russian terrorists in Black Sea

No Russian vessel has entered Black Sea since patrol ship was sunk

5 surface drones destroy Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov with helicopter on board

Ukrainian intelligence shows video of sinking of Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov – video

Russian guided missile cruisers not deployed for over a week

Russia claims shooting down 4 Ukrainian UAVs over Black Sea

Volunteers raise almost US$7.71 million for Sea Baby drones

Russians claim attack by 5 Ukrainian UAVs

Danger of missile attacks from sea persists even after destruction of Russian landing ship

Ukrainian Intelligence intercepts Russian pilots' discussion of Tsezar Kunikov warship: Wreckage and patch of oil

Sinking of Tsezar Kunikov leaves Russian Black Sea Fleet with only 5 serviceable ships, down from 13

Ukraine's General Staff confirms destruction of Russian landing ship Tsezar Kunikov