Russia Refusing to Change Its Candidate For Ambassador to Ukraine

Friday, 5 August 2016, 18:19

Russia doesn’t want to change the proposed candidate for its Ambassador to Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine cites President Putin’s assistant Yuriy Ushakov.

"We proposed Kyiv an experienced politician who never made any anti-Ukrainian statements and is inclined to develop constructive solutions to the numerous problems we have," Ushakov said.

He did not confirm that it was Mikhail Babich whose candidacy was offered. "I won’t confirm anything, because it’s against diplomatic practice," he claimed.

He denied that Russia could change the candidacy. "We expect a response from the Ukrainian side before we go on."

"The Ukrainian side prefers their Embassy to be chaired by a charge d’affaires. Since their Ambassador left in March 2014, this is the level of diplomatic presence they keep," he added.

Last week, Russian opposition politicians – former Russian MP Illya Ponomaryov and political emigrant Olga Kurnosova – warned President Poroshenko that agreeing to Mikhail Babich as Russian Ambassador to Ukraine is a risk. According to Kurnosova, Babich was a former military leader and governor of the Chechen Republic. He is not a person who can prove helpful as a diplomat, she asserted. Appointing a military figure as an Ambassador when an undeclared war is underway is like a kick in the teeth, Kurnosova highlighted.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin stated that Ukraine was not considering

the candidacy of a new Russian Ambassador. "So far, we don’t discuss any specific candidacy. First, we seek positive dynamics about the entire context of the Russian aggression and developments in Donbas," he explained.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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IP: 46.149.94.---Светулёк06.08.2016 00:55
ПАП будет тряпкой, если согласится.
IP: 76.70.116.---stork06.08.2016 00:28
Якщо Украіна рахує себе незалежною від Раші краіною ,то не піддасться тиску Кремля .
Українською буде не "рахує", а "вважає". Ви не говорите українською, а перекладаєте з російської.
IP: 62.210.37.---spitfire05.08.2016 19:22
"После того как Генпрокуратура РФ освободила Михаила БАБИЧА из-под стражи, он ненадолго стал председателем чеченского правительства..."

2003 . novayagazeta . ru / nomer / 2003 / 76n / n76n-s16 . shtml
IP: 95.132.25.---kerubino05.08.2016 18:50
Якщо Украіна рахує себе незалежною від Раші краіною ,то не піддасться тиску Кремля .
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