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From 28 February all border control points with Russia and Belarus to be closed

Sunday, 27 February 2022, 13:05

Details: In relation to the military aggression by Russia and imposition of martial law on the territory of Ukraine, the government approved an order to temporarily close border crossing points.

Ad verbatim: "In particular, as of midnight, 28 February 2022, border crossing points  and checkpoints along the entire border with the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus as well as on the central section of the Ukrainian-Moldovan border (Transnistria) will be temporarily closed.

This measure also relates to certain air border control points, including ‘Boryspil’, ‘Kyiv’ (Zhulyany), ‘Kharkiv’, ‘Odesa’, ‘Lviv’ etc. Simultaneously, a capacity to let the Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Ukraine will be maintained’’.