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Lukashenko excuses Russia’s invasion and claims his troops not involved

Tuesday, 1 March 2022, 17:52
Lukashenko excuses Russia’s invasion and claims his troops not involved

Alyona Mazurenko – Tuesday, 1 March 2022, 18:52

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stood in front of a map of Ukraine as he justified Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He claimed that Belarus is not involved in the conflict.

Source: Lukashenko-controlled Telegram channel Pul Pervogo


Lukashenko said: "The Russians are performing an operation, but with surgical precision...

We are protecting our border with Ukraine, but Russian troops are no longer there, only helicopters and several of their planes remain. They will be there until I tell the Russian president that I don’t need them...

There is no need to shout that we will be coming to Ukraine from Vitebsk or somewhere else. That is not our objective. I still think I need Putin’s help…

I have not deployed any part of the Armed Forces; they remain at their usual stations. They are ready. Everything is ready. And if they have to be mobilised…in two to three days we can mobilise all units that need to be mobilised for full-scale military operations."

Details: Lukashenko also said that information about thousands of wounded Russians is untrue and that they have treated 160-170 Russian soldiers over the past six days.

However, pictures posted earlier on social media show Russian mobile crematoria. There have also been reports that only those with minor injuries or high-ranking military officials will be treated in Belarus.

With a map of Ukraine behind him, Lukashenko swore that the involvement of Belarus in Russia’s war against Ukraine consisted only of treating Russian soldiers in hospitals in Gomel and Mozel.

He also admitted that he had threatened the Ukrainian president by saying that Russia would lose patience and start firing indiscriminately.

Ukrainian intelligence has warned that Russia and Belarus may resort to provocation to justify the invasion of Belarusian troops into Ukraine.

In particular, nearly 300 Belarusian tanks have appeared near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. The convoy has not yet crossed the border and is waiting on the Pinsk-Ivanovo-Drahichyn route (approximately 30km from the border).

However, the Pivnich [‘North’] operational command has reported that Belarusian troops have been seen in the Chernihiv region in the last three days.

In addition, Lukashenko said that he wanted to cover Putin’s rear flank, and so has closed Belarusian borders with Poland and Lithuania. The self-proclaimed president said that he feared terrorists from Lithuania and Poland entering Belarus and staging terrorist attacks.

He said that they had deployed air defence systems along the border with Belarus.

Lukashenko stated that he did not have sufficient military equipment: "We have enough troops, but we do not have enough equipment. I have asked Putin to supply us with S-400s which will be stationed to the west of Minsk, in addition to the S-400s already stationed in the Gomel region."


  • On 24 February, Russian invaders entered Ukraine from Belarus.
  • In addition, rocket strikes on Ukraine are being carried out from Belarus.
  • Ukraine has not launched retaliatory strikes in response to Belarus.
  • On 1 March, self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that Belarus has no plans to take part in Russia’s war against Ukraine.
  • The day before, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the citizens and the military of Belarus not to take part in the conflict and to protest against the war.
  • In addition, on 28 February, the Ukrainian leader had a telephone conversation with Lukashenko for the first time in several years.