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Local journalist goes missing in Kakhovka

Saturday, 12 March 2022, 21:35

Saturday, 12 March, 22:35

Local journalist Oleh Baturyn disappeared in Kakhovka, a city in Kherson region, on Saturday night.

Source: regional representative of the Institute of Mass Media with reference to Baturyn's wife.


Details: According to the report, at about 4 pm an acquaintance called Oleh and offered to meet near the bus station, which is located near the journalist's house.

Quote from the journalist's wife: "At about 4:30 pm, Oleh went to a meeting, leaving his phone and documents at home. He promised to return in 20 minutes, but did not return."

Details: According to local chats, at about 4:50 p.m., Russian soldiers were spotted near the bus station.

Oleh Baturin is a journalist at the "Novy Den" newspaper.

There are no Russian troops in Kakhovka on a permanent basis, but the neighbouring town of Nova Kakhovka is occupied by Russians forces who are attempting to install a Russian-controlled military-civilian administration there.