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Russia has announced new "merciless" strikes on Ukraine

Monday, 14 March 2022, 18:35
Russia has announced new merciless strikes on Ukraine


The Russian Federation Ministry of Defence announces new strikes on the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine and on "places of foreign mercenaries".

Source: Russian Defence Ministry


Details: The ministry accused Ukraine of using the "Point-U" tactical missile with a cluster munition in Donetsk. At the same time, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence stated that the missile that hit Donetsk on the morning of March 14 is clearly Russian.

Quote: "In response to these actions, the Russian Federation Armed Forces will take prompt measures to decommission the enterprises of the defence-industrial complex of Ukraine, which produce, repair and restore weapons used by nationalists to commit war crimes.

We call on the citizens of Ukraine who work at these enterprises, as well as the residents of nearby residential buildings, to leave potentially dangerous areas."

More details: The Russian Ministry of Defence also stated that they will mercilessly strike at the locations of alleged foreign mercenaries.

"We know all the whereabouts of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. They will continue to be targeted, similarly to the destruction of training centres in the village of Starychi and at the Yavorivsky military training ground on March 13. There will be no mercy for mercenaries wherever they are in Ukraine", - declared the ministry.

They also boasted that on Monday, as a result of the Russian strike, communication, relay and switching units in the settlements of Fedorivka, Vynarivka, and Antopil were shut down. In addition, it was stated that a large ammunition depot for multiple rocket launchers was destroyed on the territory of the Antonov plant near Kyiv, from which Ukrainian troops had allegedly fired on Russian troops.