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Rivne TV tower attack: death toll rises to 19

Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 08:39
Rivne TV tower attack: death toll rises to 19

Iryna Balachuk – Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 09:39

The number of people known to have been killed in Russia’s rocket strike on the TV tower in the city of Rivne has gone up to 19.

Source: Vitaliy Koval, Head of the Rivne Regional Military Administration in an interview for Rada TV on the morning of 15 March


According to Koval: "Unfortunately, I have to report that the number of victims has increased. As of 08:30 we know of 19 people who have been killed, and 9 who have been wounded."

Details: Koval added that this number might rise as the operation to clear the rubble was still ongoing.

Koval also noted that it will take a few more hours for rescue workers to clear away all the rubble. Only then could the number of victims be finalised.


  • Around 05:20 on 14 March, a Russian missile damaged the TV tower in the village of Antopil, near the city of Rivne.
  • Initially it was reported that the Russian attack had killed 9 people and wounded 9 more.