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Air Defence shoots down three missiles over Volyn

Saturday, 26 March 2022, 22:59

Saturday, 26 March 2022, 23:59

A UAV or missile was shot down by Air Defence forces 10 kilometres away from Lutsk on Saturday night.

Source: Yuriy Pohulyayko, Head of Volyn Regional State Administration, on Telegram


Quote: "According to preliminary reports, a UAV was shot down by Air Defence forces approximately 10 km from Lutsk. It has not been ruled out that it might have been a missile. The information is being verified. We will give a report later."

Updated: Later Pohulyayko confirmed that explosions were heard at about 21:00 due to four missiles being fired from air targets over Belarusian territory.

Three of these four rockets were shot down in Volyn region airspace.