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Russians hold UNIAN news agency journalist hostage

Monday, 28 March 2022, 19:02


The Russian invaders are holding journalist Dmytro Khyliuk from the UNIAN (Ukrainian Independent News Agency) hostage.

Source: NGO "Media Initiative for Human Rights" on Facebook.


Details: According to colleagues, Khyliuk, a journalist with the Ukrainian Independent News Agency, was kidnapped by Russian soldiers in the village of Kozarovichi, in the Vyshgorod district of the Kyiv region, around the beginning of March.

On the eve of his disappearance, Dmytro wrote on social media that his village was under occupation.

According to freed local residents of Kozarovichi, Dmytro is now being held in the building of a business in Dymer, another village in Kyiv region. He was seen there by several men who had already been released.

This is not the first case where Russian soldiers have detained and kidnapped journalists, activists and representatives of local self-government bodies, the civic activists said.

The human rights activists therefore urged the international community to expose all the stories about the prisoners, to force Russia to comply with the Geneva Convention and to release all the hostages.