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Kharkiv Region: Balakliya Mayor says he made a deal with the Russian aggressors

Monday, 28 March 2022, 22:46
Kharkiv Region: Balakliya Mayor says he made a deal with the Russian aggressors

Svitlana Kizilova - Monday, March 28 2022, 22:46

It has been reported that the Mayor of Balakliya, Ivan Stolbovyy, is unharmed and is moving freely across Balakliya, which has been temporarily seized by the Russians.

Source: Ivan Stolbovyy ,cited by Suspilne, Balakliya residents, Head of the Izium District State Administration, Stepan Maselskyy


Quote from Stepan Maselskyy: "[Stolbovyy] is alive, healthy, unharmed - both he and his family. As far as I know, they are moving freely across the town of Balakliya and are not reaching out."

Details: ‘Suspilne’ has clarified that in the meantime, a video with Ivan Stolbovyy has been posted online. In this video, he informs residents that he has decided to stay in the town, "although there has been an opportunity to leave for western Ukraine, for somewhere else." He says that "today Ukraine won’t provide for anything", apparently referring to the complete blockade of the city.

Quote from Ivan Stolbovyy: "I talked to the leadership of the Russian army, and they also offered help. It is your right to accept it or not, but today we are organising the work of humanitarian aid distribution points… There will be flour, potatoes, I do not know what else. It’s up to you to take it or not, whatever you think. However, no one will give us any other help today, are we clear?"


"It’s your right, because the town is blockaded today ... We will do everything to restore the vitality of our city. I think that we will meet them [Russian troops representatives -ed.] later to get permission for us to restore electricity and water supply, and so on. Currently, we are not dealing with any other issues, we are focused solely on the functionality of our city."

Details: Ivan Stolbovyy added that "[...] it’s complicated. It’s war." He urgedpeople  not to commit looting or terrorist acts.


On March 26, it was reported that the Russians had arrested Serhiy Poltorak, the deputy mayor of Balakliya in the Kharkiv region, and there was a suspicion that the Mayor, Ivan Stolbovy, could have also been captured.

Russian troops seized Balaklia in early March.