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Ukrainian Parliament approves confiscation of Russian assets and other wartime laws

Thursday, 3 March 2022, 15:06


The Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) has approved a decree by the Ukrainian president on general mobilisation and also passed a number of laws to increase liability for collaboration, crimes against the state, and propaganda by the aggressor.

Source: Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) website


Details: A plenary session was held on 3 March.

At the session, the Rada approved the decrees of the president of Ukraine: "On General Mobilisation" and "On the Use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Other Military Formations"; voted on a number of laws on punishment for collaboration activities, increasing responsibility for the production and distribution of aggressor propaganda, increasing responsibility for crimes against the foundations of the national security of Ukraine under martial law, and on increasing responsibility for looting.

In addition, parliament supported a draft law on the compulsory seizure in Ukraine of properties owned by the Russian Federation and its residents.

Members of parliament also supported a resolution on an appeal to the UN, the Red Cross, the European Parliament, international organisations, and foreign parliaments and governments regarding the urgent need to protect Ukrainian civilians from the assault by Russian invaders.